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Stump Grinding And Removal

Once a tree is felled one important thing remains - the stump, and this is normally an inconvenience. A stump and its associated rooting may be a obstacle to the future use of the garden or site such as:

  • lawn reinstatement
  • replacement tree or shrub planting
  • site development or construction
  • regrowth
  • infected stumps (Honey Fungus etc)

Stump Grinding

It may not be possible to dig out tree stumps and rooting, either by hand or machine, due to a number of factors:

  • size of stump
  • access limitations
  • underground services

By using purpose built stump grinding machines, we are able to offer a low impact stump removal service, leaving the garden or site as it is found - minus the stump! All stump grindings are removed , leaving a level site, although these can be used elsewhere in the garden as a mulch or be composted.

Purpose built stump grinders have a toothed wheel which chips away at the stump, and can either be hand operated, hydraulic or tractor mounted. The machine is used to grind out the main bulk of the stump and the lateral rooting.

Stump Grinding Specialists

Cotswold Tree Surgeons are specialists in stump grinding and can offer a full service in all aspects of stump removal. From the smallest stump that may be dug out by hand to the largest tree, we have a range of stump grinding equipment to fulfill your needs.

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